41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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The Muharay Folkarts Association (Muharay Népművészeti Szövetség) celebrated its 20th anniversary. This is an organization devoted to preserving and upholding local tradition in Hungary. In practice one of the main functions of the association is nurturing the “local tradition preserving dance groups” (hagyományőrző együttesek) from villages across the nation – each group presents dances and traditions from their particular location: these are groups of people of all ages. There are 159 member communities and 51 individual members. Every year the association organizes, amongst other events (forums, conferences, trainings), at least one showcase performance in Budapest with many of these groups performing their local traditions. This organization has carried on the work and function of the Pearly Bouquet (Gyöngyösbokréta) movement from the period between the two world wars. The performance in spring of 2010, for example, featured an amzing number of different groups from Hungary’s Kalocsa Region. President of association is Héra Éva. Report by Antal László.