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Erdélyi Tibor celebrates his 80th birthday. Erdélyi grew up in the village of Uszka, up in the northeastern corner of Hungary. He moved to Budapest at the age of 16. Accompanying a dance group on his zither, he also started dancing with the group, and in 1951 was discovered by director of the State Folk Ensemble, Rábai Miklós who invited him to join the Ensemble. Erdélyi has been soloist in the State Ensemble, leader of the Duna, Vadrózsa and Tisza Ensembles. He has taught dance, choreographed, is also well-known for his wood carvings and holds numerous state awards in recognition of his artistry in all these areas. Congratulatory speech by Mihályi Gábor (current artistic director of the State Folkdance Ensemble).