42nd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 14–16 April 2023
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New publication – Süveges Gergő: Csík Zenekar. Trubadúr Kiadó, 2013, Budapest ISBN: 9789630977715 In Hungarian. This year the Csík band celebrates its 25 year anniversary. The band started out like many other dance house movement bands, playing authentic village style Hungarian folk music. Over the last 5–10 years, however, they have come up with their own, now widely and wildly popular (in Hungary), genre of arrangements based on authentic folk, but mixing that material with some well-chosen Hungarian popular or alternative rock tunes. Printed here are excerpts from the book: Süveges Gergő asks well-known Hungarian folk and pop musicians’ opinion on whether or not making arrangements of authentic folk music is sacrilege.