41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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Interview with Balogh János, ’master of dance traditions’ of southern Hungary’s Baranya County and dance educator in Pécs. In the 1990s he was artistic director of the Pelikán Dance Ensemble in the town of Siklós. He briefly describes a project that produced two volumes on the folk dances of Baranya County. He also tells about an ongoing project studying the activities of the old dance masters (1860 to WW II.) and their influence on traditional dance. Born in Pécs in 1967, he completed a degree in dance education at the Hungarian Academy of Dance, earned his general teaching credentials at the University in Pécs and is now working on a degree in Dance Anthropology at the university in Szeged. By Mohay Réka – first published at: bama.hu on 2022 Feb. 21.