41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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Post graduate degree in ethnomusicology – Halmos Béla begins the work which would eventually earn him a doctorate in ethnomusicology. The subject of his dissertation project was village lead fiddler "Icsán" – Ádám István from the Transylvanian village of Szék/Sic. Icsán was Béla’s teacher and ethnographical informant from 1972 til Icsán’s death in 1980. In 1987 Béla defended his dissertation entitled [Ádám István "Icsán" and his band – a monography of a band from the Transylvanian village of Szék] and continued research and writing on the subject through the mid 1990s. Includes excerpt from an interview with Virágvölgyi Márta (and excerpts from other interviews).

Page 32 Inset -The first National Dance House Festival and Market - Táncháztalálkozó - was held in Budapest on March 28, 1982: a brief summary of how the first dance house festival came about.
Page 33 inset: Béla’s village master musician and ethnographic informant: Ádám István "Icsán" 1909-1980 - one of three great lead fiddlers from the Transylvanian village of Szék/Sic.