Brief introductions to each contributor are on page 35. Summarized here:
Kányádi Sándor (1929 – 2018) was a Hungarian poet and translator from the region of Transylvania, Romania. He was active in political issues throughout the years, as shown in his numerous works relating to the oppression of the Transylvanian Hungarian minority.
Bába Imre (born 1963) has degrees in cartography and history. At the time of this publication he was working for a company that made maps for ecological tourism and water sports. He has often worked for National Geographic Magyarország.
Zátonyi Tibor (born 1955) studied photography at the school of graphics and publishing arts in Liepzig, Germany. Since 1976 his photographs have appeared in numerous exhibitions, publications and online.
Czellár Gabriella (born 1982) travels and does graphics, handcrafts and freelance photography. Her favorite journey is to visit the Csángó Hungarians in Gyimes and Moldavia.
Molnár Zoltán (born 1973) completed his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Industrial Arts then became a freelance photographer. Amongst favorite themes in his work are historical heritage and the life and religion of minority groups. His work has been exhibited at numerous exhibitions, appears in publications and can be seen online.