42nd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 14–16 April 2023
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Dances of Tyukod (Szabolcs-Szatmár County, Hungary). This article provides background information from dance collection fieldwork done in the area (mainly from 2000, 1960-61, and the 1950s) meant to assist those preparing for the 25th National Solo Dance Festival or anyone interested in traditional dances of the region. The dances concentrated on are: „magyar verbung” (which was danced as a solo men’s dance, as well as in a couple), „magyar szóló” – though the difference between the two remains unclear. Magyar verbung (sometimes also called verbunk) was danced to tunes that began on the lower strings of the fiddle. The dance is individual and improvised, everyone dances their own combinations of figures, but one main rule was that it began with and included „bokázó” (a heel clicking step). Specific tunes mentioned for these dances are: „Szól a füge madár”, „Ritka búza”. Influence/possible influence of a dance master and dance school in 1910 in Szatmárnémedi is mentioned. Some young men in Tyukod were taught by their fathers to dance in one place (not to travel the entire dance space). The names Gyenge Gáspár, Kajus László, Kiss Tibor, Szuromi Mária are mentioned as good dancers. By Busai Norbert.