41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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On the Path of History – Kóka Rozália’s series. (Part I.) Rudolf László was born in Bátaszék in Hungary’s Tolna County in the 1950s. His mother was from Józseffalva/Vornicenii Mici in Bukovina. He spent his childhood amongst his mother’s family who had all come from Bukovina. László was a good student. He finished both elementary and secondary school in Bátszék, loved the books of Jules Verne and was a local chess champion. Good in mathematics, he received a scholarship to study engineering in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union). After finishing his degree he returned to Hungary and worked for a time at power plants until he was drafted for the compulsory 2 years of Hungarian military service. Afterwards he got work as a computer programmer in the town of Szekszárd. The first time he went with his mother to Bukovina in Romania to visit her home village of Józseffalva was in 1981. He left there in tears. To be continued. From a conversation recorded on February 25, 2021.