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Korniss Péter Photo Archive. In December 2020 photographer Korniss Péter donated the archive of his work from more than 5 decades (more than 34000 photos) – to Hungary’s Museum of Fine Arts. The well-organized archive is now housed in the Central European Art History Research Institute as the special Korniss Péter Archive. Amongst subjects of Korniss’ photography are: peasant life and tradition in Transylvania and Hungary, blue collar workers in Hungary, professional dancers and many more subjects. Also in December he was awarded the ‘Kriterion Wreath’ given to those who have presented Transylvanian culture to the world. A new volume of his photos was also published: “Korniss Péter Photography 1959–2017” in celebration of the event. Printed here are Grozdits Károly’s interview and an edited version of Barabási Albert-László’s laudation.