41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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Reviews of 4 recently released CDs. "Yes, the ’album’ format is still the basic cultural distillation….” Recommended are: Kollár-Klemencz László’s chamber ensemble’s "Ég az erdő" (the forest is burning) which he says is, "folk music but like all truely good productions…it sums up the essence of culture”. Ötödik évszak’s record of "acoustic city music" uses texts by poets and French/Hungarian singer Izabella Caussanel’s voice against a solid base of Budapest folk musicians. Lajkó Félix and Band "…the band supports Lajkó’s creative ego without breaking it apart …listening to Lajkó one doesn’t think of elements of thought, rather it’s impulses, flashes, elements of atmosphere, emotional runs…elemental energy…a plentiful cavalcade". Finally Dalinda’s new record of folk accapella "Átjárók" is praised: "…successful arrangements of traditional folklore… the best folk album of the year so far” by singers: Paár Juliana, Tímár Sára, Nádasdy Fanni. From Rácz Mihály at: langolo.hu 2020 November 26.