41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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Ethnographic photos from the Kallós Zoltán Collection. 450 photographs from Kallós’ vast collection of photographs have recently been posted on the Hungarian Heritage House Médiatár website. The photos were taken between 1956 and 1983 in Transylavania and Moldavia during collection work done by Kallós and Martin György. Selected photos from the collection are printed in this issue along with excerpts from the film “Balladák filmje” directed by Gulyás Gyula and Gulyás János filmed between 1983–1989 about Kallós’ extraordinary life. Kallós Zoltan (1926–2018) was the Transylvanian inspiration and resource person for the táncház movement. He was a lifelong collector of Transylvanian and Moldavian traditional music, song and folk art. His collection is preserved by the Kallós Foundation based in Válaszút/Răscruci, Romania.