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Traditional cuisine of the Budapest region: the Slovaks of Csömör. "We started by looking for old women that still wear traditional clothing and asked them about their eating habits from childhood on... what ingredients were used, what were the every day meals and the holiday ones, especially the Slovak cooking. What came out was that family, local folk tradition and foods are important in keeping their [Slovak] identity alive. Main ingredients in old Slovak cooking were potato, cabbage and vegetables of the season. Little meat was eaten on normal weekdays, it was used mainly for flavor – i.e. smoked meats. Fresh meat, mainly poultry was for Sundays and holidays; fresh pork was eaten only at pig slaughtering time. Recipes provided are: peasant dumpling soup, Christmas cabbage soup, tomato soup with potato dumpling or noodles, potato pancake, flutni (potato fritters fried in oil), wedding strudel ring, two holiday sweets: bitó, guglicska.