42nd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 14–16 April 2023
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Fodor Sándor “Netti” (1922–2004). Biographical information on Netti Sanyi lead fiddler, Gypsy prímás from Transylvania’s Kalotaszeg region. He was the last of the generation of traditional musicians that learned and played in the traditional life of his region. An intelligent man, excellent musician, big personality, a professional that played his best in every situation - from local rural weddings and balls, to dance houses, folk music and dance camps in Hungary, performing on tour in Western Europe and the USA. His music and personality has been preserved in archives, on film, on many CDs. By Transylvanian ethnomusicolgist Könczei Csongor – first published in 2005 in Transylvanian journals “Művelődés” (2005:13-14) and “Kalotaszeg” (2005:9-10.).