41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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A Transylvanian Travel Log – a rambling account of a road trip through Transylvania’s Kalotaszeg region and beyond. Communities visited were Kalotaszentkirály/Sâncraiu, Magyarbikal/Bicălatu, Sztána/ Stana, Kispetri/Petrinzel, Türe/Turea (to visit the family that makes the famous “bujka” – ornate jackets that are part of the local traditional costume), then on to Szék/Sic, Bonchida/Bonțida, Magyargyerőmonostor/Mănăstireni, Koloszvár/Cluj-Napoca, Magyarvalkó/Văleni …This sojourn takes in local village clergymen, cemeteries, the old churches and the people. Even for Hungarians from today’s Hungary, each visit to Transylvania is fueled by the mystery, romance, adventure, tradition and history of this unique region. By Bödők Gergely – first appeared in Kommentár. 2017/3. pp. 3-8.