41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
Starting page: 37
Dániel „Our regular guest at breakfast time from spring until the end of grapeharvest – was the „grapeherder” on his way home from his dawn rounds. Some of these morning occsaisions lasted til noon, even though we hadn't glued Dániel down. He returned the favor of these breakfasts with talk. At such times we didn't really relish his visits, but we liked him anyway. We regarded the grapeherder, as the farmer regards the barren, brambly soil; it doesn't promise anything – it gives what it can. My mother sometimes evaluated his lectures: Forgive me God, but most of the time, that person's talk isn't worth more than a chervil on the ground. One day Dániel was quiet. He wasn't stitching one word to the next, he sipped only half of his pálinka. „Zsuzsi! I have been to heaven! Today at dawn the 'beautiful women' kissed me... the dance of the beautiful women, barefooted, they floated undressed down to their cotton underclothes, like feathergrass bouquets in the dewy morning grass...” Dániel finished his story and when he left our place, rather then heading home, he headed out toward the vineyard and I knew that he didn't want to talk to anyone else that day.” Excerpts from this issue's tale of Szék life by Soós János